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Lawn Care
12923 Shaker Road Cleveland, OH 44120
Welcome to the last solution you’ll need when contracting landscaping! GreenPal has become the internet’s premiere platform for contracting local lawn care in Cleveland and the rest of the nation! With over two thousand local yard maintenances near you, it doesn’t matter whether you live in Beverly Hills or Cleveland’s Birdtown, GreenPal can connect you with your fellow citizens who are out there mowing lawns. Don’t look for faceless corporations in phone books or the first page of Google. If you really want to know, some of the best practitioners of lawn care in Cleveland, Oh are not going to be found online. They will be found on the scene mowing your neighbor's’ lawn. They are humble companies, but they are companies that we looked out for when we first started GreenPal. What we wanted to do with GreenPal was help those small companies get their foot in the door in the market. A lot of the times, these companies are too busy running around the city providing cheap lawn mowing in Cleveland to make a website, so instead of making one for every local lawn mower from here to New York, we did them one better. We took the same strategies that Uber did and created a space where people like you are looking for reliable and cheap lawn mowing in Cleveland, and companies who provide these services are looking for people like you. Isn’t that a happy meeting place? Now, you can connect to people who are your neighbors. This drives the price down driving wise, and you get to know a company that will be helping with your landscaping for months to come. It doesn’t matter what part of Cleveland you are in, from Impett Park, Edgewater, Cudell, or Detroit-Shoreway, you can find a lawn mower near you that is perfect for your needs! Stay safer online with GreenPal's vetting process. Although you could technically find the best deals in local lawn mowing on your own on Craigslist or other sites, but GreenPal is one of the few ones who properly filter every company that applies. Not just anyone can apply to be on GreenPal. Companies are either invited or referred to, and after that it only gets harder. Our application process is tough. No scammer can make it through all the way, and even if the best scammer on the planet sneaks through our process, he will quickly be found out after one hit. this is how lawn care is supposed to be! Are you ready for the easiest way to contract local landscaping in Cleveland? Address: 12923 Shaker Road Cleveland, OH 44120 Phone: (216) 223-7235
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May 3, 2018