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Candidates 1 and 6 sound very alike. I would choose them first, candidate 3 second. I think experience in the transactional side of HR is critical so if they have five years of experience with doing coordination and recruiting at the HR level, you have two very good candidates. The HR manager only gets knocked down a bit because of less years of experience (though even that wouldn't be a bad choice IMO). I think the other three are weaker candidates and perhaps in a different job market, they would have a better chance at it. I wouldn't pick candidate 2 based solely on the introvert aspect. If someone is transactional and a recruiting face, I think you have to get outgoing people. Same deal with candidate 5. Candidate 4 probably has too much catching up to do, even with great behavioral markers. I would be interested to see how the behavioral results are in the top three candidates. If they aren't too far off, I don't consider it a big risk if they have experience backing it up.
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Classic! As I always say, stick to conventional language when dealing with people outside of your organization. I have actually had to fight with people to have them stop changing or inflating their title. And on resumes? Forget about it! Senior Deliverables Specialist means nothing. I also love that people will put "Senior" in front of every job title on the planet.
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