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I was thinking recently that if I could bottle all of the TALK that everyone in the world has about dieting and turn it into ACTION - there wouldn't be any heavy people anywhere in the world. Think about it. We all spend so much of our time moaning about our weight, thinking about joining a gym, contemplating that bikini, and wondering what it would be like to feel thin....but we don't necessarily put all of that energy into action. I used to be quite heavy. What happened? I guess I finally just got sick of being short of breathe every time that I left the house and I declared that enough was enough. I started out small. Just a 10 minute walk around the block each day means something. Pushing away that extra chocolate bar once a week adds up. It all matters and it all counts. So, our job together is to get each of you healthy and happy - with your own goals and your own approach to fitness and health. That doesn't mean that you are... Continue reading
Posted Mar 7, 2010 at Achieve Your Ideal Weight
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Mar 4, 2010