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I don't get the swearing thing. To me, if you say "crap" or "shoot" or "bada$$" it's the same thing. You're intending that word as a curse. Swearing, like any word choice, doesn't bother me when it's thoughtful. I don't care for bloggers or authors or stand-up comics who seem to swear every other word-- not because I find it offensive, but because I find it boring. I do swear in my posts, but it's a thoughtful choice when I do. After including a curse word, I always stop and ask myself: "What is the intended effect of this word? Is this the best word I could use?" Sometimes I realize the word wasn't necessary, and I change it to something else. Other times, I determine that the word is necessary for effect. So I do swear, and I don't feel bad about it, but it's a thoughtful choice, and it's relatively infrequent.
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Feb 13, 2010