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Your Senior Care Network
Roseville, CA
Our Goal is to be the premier senior care network website and become a global leader in all aspects of senior care by providing the highest quality service and content to our customers.
Interests: Senior Living Options Our Senior Living options offer a wide selection of choices whether your searching for a local Assisted Living Facility (ALF) or simply looking for the best Residential Care Facility. Home Care Options Our Home Care page provides a comprehensive listing of In-Home Care and Hospice providers, giving you the road map to your Home Health experience. Financial Planning & Legal Assistance Our Finance & Legal section offers resources to help with Estate Planning, Retirement Planning and will help guide you through your Insurance (Life) Choices.
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Nothing against WalMart... but WOW. The richest family in the U.S., the Wal-Mart heirs, with a family wealth of $89.5 billion, have as much wealth as the bottom 40% of Americans combined. The country has changed dramatically since Baby Boomer Politics but many of them have children and grandchildren who they do not want to leave behind with a devastated country.
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Thanks for sharing Lisa! At we are certainly aware of some of the scams out there targeted at seniors, but with a little education provided by professionals such as yourselves and Kathleen, we can save buckets of sweat, tears, and dollar bills. :) Thank-you again, Kyle
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I would say go outdoors, walk, and get some fresh air if you can. Otherwise, drink orange juice and do some push-ups in the house to keep body temperature warm. Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2012 at Your Senior Care Network's Blog
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Jan 17, 2012