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I got 6/6! Some of them were obvious though.
Just heard today that the lovely Duet sim, a great place for photography, has closed. Sad to see it go.
Hi Sarah, thanks for getting back to me on that. I might contact you inworld at some point. I do think you raise interesting points.
I love CronoCloud's response. Fabulous. I'm also interested in Sarah's reply - you said something about brands offering your services for free to customers. Do you mean doing the same thing you're doing, or in some ways using your agency (which I understood to be a paying service, though you offer free quick fixes too)?
A tragic loss, and far too young. Condolences to his friends and family.
I only went into Sansar for the first time the other day, and I was impressed with the textures. The base line in there with materials and textures is obviously going to be better than Second Life which has stuff going back to 2003. 2077 is an impressive place. I wandered around there and took a bunch of pics. It did remind me of Ready Player One a bit, because Max Headroom seemed to be playing in one of the videos.
Sending her a get well. Just noticed this post now.
Keep writing the articles. I think they're fine as they are. A balance to hyped up VR elsewhere.
Oh god, this woman is me. At least, partly. I like organising my inventory, I can chat to people, but based on past experience in SL, I don't bother making friends. Don't have time to commit to that. My avatars have often put their pjs or whatever on, and gone to bed, before I log off, lol. One used to go to a beach, or go sailing, before going to bed, just because the sound of the sea was a great way to get into sleep mode. The same one used to walk her dog every day, one of those VKC pets. Another who lived in Weimar Berlin, in the guest house, always used the lavatory, every day she logged in, to make the experience of living in a 1929 guesthouse with the pull chain loo (shared between all the residents) more realistic. One would have her stove on with the sausages in the pan, because the VKC dog was obsessed with 'greeting' the sausages. The same avatar used to take baths a lot, because I have a shower rather than a bath, and the sound of the bubbling water always seemed quite soothing. Going back to inventory management, I used to do it a lot at music gigs. Tidy my inventory while listening to music.
What a wonderful film. So great you found it and were able to track William down and do an interview. Such a poignant film.
Just wanted to thank Maxwell for his input here, and the info he gives - I'd heard the regions were bigger. I'm really looking forward to getting into Sansar and having a look around. Also interested to see how Space develops.
I've got a question for Adam. I was in the international space station region yesterday, and really wanted to take some pics, but my avatar was constantly in view. I just wanted Earth and/or the station. I couldn't see a panning or zoom control like you get in Firestorm and SL viewers. Am I missing something? I'm not yet accustomed to the UI yet.
Sudan and Zone 54B are great looking regions. I'll be interested to try out the new avatar and body sliders. Would like to change the look of mine.
I've used this viewer - it's good for photography. I seem to recall that it was less laggy at one point, but I haven't used it for a while and couldn't comment on it now. This video is making me think I need to give it another go.
Thanks for your response Adam. That's very interesting! I will be back in to have a look around again as soon as I can! Thanks! Carlos - thanks. :)
Forgot to say that when I asked about sea depth in the Space Q&A here, I didn't get an answer on that, and when I went in I could see the reason why. Space is quite different from SL, and I'm wondering if Sansar is more like Space.
There needs to be a crack down on scammers on the SL MP stealing people's stuff and reselling it. Which makes me wonder if some of the issues in Second Life are being addressed in Sansar and its marketplace. I'll need to have another look around Space. Been in a couple of times. It will be an interesting one to keep an eye on, though the one thing I really really like about SL (and Inworldz) is their global map with maritime areas. I'm inclined to think Sansar might not be like this, based on what I've heard. I'd like to see a virtual world with a sea depth far greater than 20 metres (can't recall if Inworldz has the same depth as SL). Would be great for underwater building, realistic deep water marine landscapes, and underwater cities.
Can someone tell Linden Lab that it's summer now! I wonder if their idea of summer is September. Or maybe next year. Wonder what they will be offering with the subscription package. There would have to be some decent bait.
Love her short hair. It's nice to see people who are still using standard avis or heads promoting their favourite stuff. I don't think she needs a mesh head. Her head looks nice as it is. That second video is hilarious.
Wonder what small subscription amounts to. Personally I wouldn't mind a small amount, but they could mean a small amount every month, which then adds up. Especially if you're still active in SL (not to mention any other grids). I just want to get in and have a look around, especially to see how good it is without a headset since I won't be using one for health and $ reasons. But I'm half expecting them to push the opening back again. That Egyptian tomb looks fabulous.
Jewel - just noticed the landmark for your artwork inworld. I will check that out!
Great piece, Casja! And those are beautiful images. Great backstory too with the real life changes Second Life brought.