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This officer most be french and for how long shall you continue this your report against SCNC members?Just keepon walking with legs down there and this will help you know why SCNC is complaining.I agree that u leave our country.
The so call Bishops must know that Judas played a great roll for Christ the king to save mankind by handling the son of man to be killed for the scripture to be extablished.If i may ask them,what had Cameroonians enjoyed from the visit of late John Paul the second? I think the new Pope has a new vision of contructing a Catholic Cathadral this time in his netive town in Germany and can VISIT Cameroon for a harvest and not sudan or Liberia etc.Bishops[commom money makers]Cameroon don't have money anymore coz Biya and his Ministers has stolen everthing.But God is going to save Cameroon and not the water from river wouri that this Pope is coming to springled on us.