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It was so worth coming out to see you guys on such a lovely (no, really) March evening. I had the pleasure of sitting in front of Anne, and it was great hearing her laugh at everything, too. I figure this was all old hat to her, but she seemed genuinely amused and entertained throughout your part. You know you did well when your spouse still laughs at your jokes. By the end of "Lament" my cheeks were hurting from all the laughing I did. I wonder if anyone did a count of how many "'...' is my '...' tribute/cover band" jokes you pulled off in one night?
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2011 on in which i am grateful at WWdN: In Exile
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Sep 10, 2010
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Sep 4, 2010
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Sep 4, 2010
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Sep 4, 2010
Yes!! I'm so glad to hear that about Colin. It always dims the happy when I find out an actor I admire is a diva, or aloof, or flaky, etc. IRL. Thanks for confirming Colin's character first hand for me. I trust your judgment so I know it's a true assessment.
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Apr 13, 2010