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I would love some underwear and socks for my husband as always.
Sounds like your husband has some tact with the truth example of my husband telling me the truth was one night after getting ready to go out, he looked at me strange...I had decided to go with a more trendy make up look with some colored eye shadow & a brighter, redder lipstick, I thought it may have been okay looking, but his look told me otherwise, so I asked what was up & he straight up told me I looked kind of clownish. I was like really, seriously? He was serious! So, I remembered he is the one I want to impress & look great for, so I cleaned my face a bit. All in all I love that he can be so straightforward with me, even if it will occasionally hurt my feelings.
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I need this so badly! My lashes are not only short, but also sparse & straight. yummyfaerie at hotmail dot com
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I would love to get a decent laptop for my husband, he has one issued to him from work, but it has serious issues. I would love for him to have one for his own personal use for when he starts taking online classes.
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Sep 15, 2010