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Here's one reason I didn't like Kill Bill 2, at the end you realize Bill is a boring nothing character and all he has to say is unpersuasive analogues concerning fish and supermen. We barely see him for most of the movie and we're waiting for that final showdown, and then the movie ends with philosophy department cafeteria show down. It seems like the pay-off was based on something as uninteresting as the "Like a Virgin" speech at the beginning Reservoir Dogs. Let's change the narrative of Dogs and have Orange ask White just before he kills him "Why are you killing me? I thought you liked me". And then White will do the whole Madonna monologue and explain it "I'm just like that whore, and your big dick made me feel like a virgin". BANG The End
This makes me so happy I'm getting a little depressed.
I love Woody Allen, but does anyone here think he's made a worse movie than September? I remember the scene where Sam Waterston was caught kissing Dianne Wiest and he explains it to a hurt Mia Farrow "I want her to come with me to New York... (looking at Wiest and remembers something) or Paris?". That was hilarious.
"the film at least wants us to sympathize with Bonnie and Clyde, and feel their deaths with more emotional force than the deaths of their victims." I agree, but in what way is that different than any movie that has murders and thieves as their protagonists? I'm guessing Mr. Orange's death had more of an emotional impact on you than the poor woman in the car or the cops that Mr. White shots down. The victims are not the story here, but that doesn't mean the film belittles them or condones their murder. “Their victims, and their murders, are minimized, to the glorification of the murderers themselves.” I don’t agree, they’re minimized because the movie is not about them. In what way are Bonnie and Clyde glorified?
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2009 on Six months of "Big Hollywood" at Some Came Running
"As I see it, the film asks the audience to overlook the blood spilled by Bonnie and Clyde, because they're human beings -- heck, they're just kids!" No, I don't think so. I didn't feel that way at all. Why do you think the film asks us to overlook the blood? (even it does say they're human beings, and kids in some respect) And as for your Nixon film, Frost/Nixon presented a sympathetic Nixon and only mentioned a small part of his checkered history. Does that count?
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2009 on Six months of "Big Hollywood" at Some Came Running