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Yvonne Hawse
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I think from the definitions I've read, I'm a baby boomer (almost 47) and my daughters (ages 21 and 13) are generation y? I have to disagree with many of the labelling I see placed on todays generation. What I see with my daughters and their friends are people who recognize the difference between being successful and being wealthy. They love the world they live in and want to maintain it. They believe in social justice, acceptance not tolerance. they don't like bullies of any kind and will put them in their place. They see people, they don't see race, social standings, sexual oreintation or economics. At the same time, they expect to pay their way and expect others to do the same, They believe in helping where they can, but they are not pushovers. They believe in God but they recognize all faiths as being linked, no one more right than the other. They stand strong for what they believe in, they prefer to shop with a conscience. They believe in the beauty of being healthy. They are not mainstream, nor are they alternative. Frankly, I'm proud of the generation I've helped raise. Their values come from somewhere deeper than anything I've seen or read about before. They've taken the idealism of the '60s and '70's mixed with the hedoism of the materialism of the 80 and 90s and created something beyond any ism.
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Oct 6, 2011