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There is a fundamental difficulty in having a non-Japanese language press conference where the requirement for clarity and fluency of the language (presumably English) may not necessarily be matched by the spokesperson having knowledge and authority. It is much better to have translations and interpretations provided by the fourth estate, and there really is no excuse that foreign news agencies having linguistic handicaps. Edano's press conferences have been a model of clarity (including being very clear about what is not known) and sober commentary. The frustration with lack of confirmable information is not necessarily confined to the general public. While there have been huge gaps of information (presumably due to real absence of observable and quantifiable abilities), the larger inaccuracies come from sensationalism, bad reporting, and not paying attention. Some foreign press (U.S.-NYT, U.K, as far as I can tell) have been abysmal. In many instances it is not for lack of information but for abundance of prejudices and fear mongering that the reports have been unreliable. Alternative reporting (eg Michio Kaku on Amy Goodman) have been no better. I prefer right now to sit through the multiple Tepco pressers via the net to try to ascertain what is going on.
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Apr 15, 2011