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I have been reading about some people getting sad after the movie... I got sad after it...and i belive its normal....And i made a conclusion People shoukd see the movie has an inpiration to PROTECT THE EARTH...and .CHANGE OUR LIFESTYLE............. We could have blue aliens on Earth ..... if all the time till today wasnt spent killing Earth... And now for those of got sad EVEN if a Na'vi population exists....they would never acept someone who helped killing and entire planet's enviroment.... If they exist on Earth,they will probably die suffocated in today's atmosfere.... To End i have one more thing to say......We will never see Alien life,like Na'vi(if they exist) if Earth dies,remember this YOU ARE INSIDE EARTH make sure aliens can pass by...and to make sure you live enough to see them or for you to go into a ship to a New world.... SAVE EARTH! ______________ Other members defined what i just said @ Ellhnas-Just open your eyes and protect the damn enviroment. @sevuz -The movie is amazing. Enjoy it, but learn from it as well! @lan- People need to look at this differently in a more positive manner. They should look at it as inspiration to push science and technology to its limits so that one day we can all visit a world like Pandora. It is going to happen much sooner than you think. So instead of being depressed why not take positive action for a better future? @NoMss-Ya....i too felt these things somewhat in the beginning:(, but after watchin it the third time it kinda felt that "this is the real world that we live in, Pandora isn't, its just a thoughtful world where we can get into when we get to our beds. Think about your all this...
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Jan 18, 2010