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This is ridiculous man. I least would have imagined that I was reading a speech, not to talk of it being that of a President of a Nation, until I came to the end. Cameroon is really in trouble, you cannot imagine! After all that had happened in the past days, this is what can come out of the one who calls himself the President of a Nation, yet he thinks he can continue. Who are the people he is ruling? (maybe youths) hahahaa! no wonder he has always remained indifferent when ever there are similar strike actions in Cameroon. Biya you were deceived this time around by your so called advisers, it was better you didn't make a "speech", if what you call above is a speech. What an abused to us youths? It is always said "silence means consent", you probably have being relying on this all along, and you may have forgotten that you are the very one who has handicapped the youths such that they do not have where to express their mines. To you, the youths are the ones striking, their parents are probably in their farms or houses... A national issue has become a youthful issue. You talk of "exploitation of the transporters’ strike for political ends" What about the constitution matter raised, or you were not told? All you are thinking of are your selfish political ambitions, yet you are pointing at fingers to innocent Cameroons who by now should be tired and confused with what to do with your regime. Oh Yes! you are right, let us say they manipulated the youths, are they not Cameroonians? The "youths" of "Biya's country" (not our Cameroon) do not know their left or right, reason why they are left to lie idling, only to be manipulated. In fact it is a waste of time sitting down to write on any thing related to you. You are a disgrace to this present generation. We the youths of Cameroon want to make it clear to you; WE ARE TIRED OF HAVING YOU AS OUR FIGURE HEAD, PLEASE GIVE US OUR NATION, WE KNOW HOW TO HANDLE IT. Before I forget, do not call us (Cameroonians) delinquents again. If you want call you kids and regime mates that.
Man!! in just three months they say work is going to begin when did they do all the feasibility studies? These guys are high level 419ners. Like you rightly asked my brother Fongang, what about the Buea-Kumba-Mamfe-Bamenda road? Seriously this nonsense must come to stop.