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It still bugs me that people make the argument that a passive house is too airtight, and its better to rely on sloppy construction and bathroom fans instead. If it gets too stuffy, open a window like you would on any other house! And to be clear, the SIP panel is only one way of framing a passive house. A double stud wall with dense packed cellulose is another approach that works well, and is both common and easy to build. And lastly, I think our reliance on "traditional details" has more to do with laziness than their actual effectiveness. It takes time to run a model in WUFI to determine where the dew point occurs in a wall design and whether it will dry properly, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't - or can't - be done. A little bit of extra thought and care by the designer isn't that big of an expense relative to the payoff in energy savings over time. sorry for the rant!
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Jun 2, 2011