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Super Bowl commercials are always hyped. They are very expensive commercials that people anticipate to be funny or very interesting. Big companies are the major ones to provide these commercials. My favorite commercial is the Doritos commercial I really like Doritos and the fact that they provide a fun entertaining... Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2011 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
Your views are similar to what I described in my type pad response. I agree colleges cannot pick through just grades a person that is a good candidate many people in the world are well rounded. Whether the parents push the students to be there best or not, students either have the grades and overall character to get in or not. In the cases students are not able to get into the college of their choice, community college represents a great alternative to a university or distinguished college. While it might not be a student's dream school, it gives you the basics. I agree when you say that parents are pushing children too much, and that all the money they spend on extra tutoring or 'donating to colleges' to get in. Children are forcing themselves into fields they don't like so they can get into colleges that force them even more into boxes they don't want to be in. We as students must realize that it is our first priority to receive a good education, and other things such as jobs, sports, and fun should be sometimes set aside as a second priority. I’m not promoting a boring and academic life style by any means. A school is unable to tell just how intelligent or talented a student is by the transcripts they receive until the student is accepted and enrolled in their school. It is only then where they tend to realize the intense competition to create the nicest resume or transcript took place. Students tend to choose classes where they know they will succeed, rather than those they may be interested in or could learn something new. In this instance, they sacrifice taking a risk and learning/expanding their intellect for a simple way to pass, or to look best on paper.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2011 on College Applications at rachel mowery's blog
I don’t believe that you should be chosen for schools unless you are in a early society that specializes in professions and causes the student to follow a plan. For example if there are accelerated students and regular students colleges want a varied environment so why would they use this... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2011 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
Rachel I agree with who you picked its nice to hear about uplifting stories like this that show people who are trying to make the world a better place and improve their environment for all. It takes a lot for a single person to stand aganist those who do wrong to either them or others, especially in an act such as this where dominance plays a large role. I also believe a "safe haven" for those who have been sexually abused is necessary because such those who have experienced such an incident usually proves to feel more alone. It is instances like those that need the most unconditional love, counseling, and therapy like you said. Makoni is able to provide to these girls is remarkable and unbelievable in most cases. It is not everyday that a woman dedicates her life to save an entire population from future disease, abuse, and even death. The stories that have been described through your post are disturbing, which makes this person even more special to nominate her for the person of the year. It is amazing how some people are able to leave their old life, to dedicate numerous hours and resources to those who have nobody else to lean on. Hearing this story and her accounts have made me reconsider the great life that I have compared to those who are abused and neglected. It is sad to hear of these stories, but is also a great experience to hear about people. That is another great point because sometimes it seems that kids are teaching their parents a lot. In my blog I also talked about why a personal finance course would be beneficial, but I also talked about why it should not be required. So many students choose classes in their junior and senior year based on their interests and what they want to go into in the future, and something.
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2011 on Protecting the Powerless at rachel mowery's blog
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Apr 8, 2011
There were many different choices to pick from in the CNN heroes ballots but i chose Evan Wadongo who helped many African people improve their living circumstances through educating them and raising money for them. personally experienced this when she turned nine and from them on, once she managed to... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2011 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
Natasha I like how in your ideas this Personal Finance course would be an addition to the curriculum and possibly not a class that counts. This means it also could be a kind of elective but if it was required I also agree the lass shouldn’t be counted. The problem with the class not counting is that some students might not take it as serious and not get as much out of it. Because of the continuous fall in our economy, our generation has been left with a significant amount of misfortunes. Not only would such a course benefit our knowledge in handling our pre-career incomes, it would undeniably teach us skills and concepts that will stay with us until we are on our own and carrying our own weight. By having people take a rigorous money management course, they are able to help improve the economy through intelligence. Making people intelligent and giving them more education is the path to a better Once they start having to buy their own food and their own drinks on the weekend, than they need to know how to finance themselves properly and that is where the personal finance classes would work in perfectly. I feel as if there is no way that this class. think it's important that students know how to finance as well, not just to help their parents, but to do it for themselves so that in the future, they will be able to survive in the slowly worsening economy.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2011 on Personal Finances at Natasha Khoury's blog
I agree with some of the points of the article. Students in my opinion should take a personal finance course that can teach them how to manage their expenses pertaining to input and output. A financing course could also greatly help students who are trying to learn about the world... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2011 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
Kayla, I like your Ideas I think you had a very well rounded analysis of the situation in Haiti an viewed the issue from different perspectives. America also needs help in their own country, and for them to dedicate time to another country is very nice and helpful, but the problems within one’s country must be presented first. I think you stretch your assumption of time when you mentions decades, but in overall you made some logical and smooth points that are open to discussion. As Americans, we will prevail through the rough patch we are experiencing because we have obtainable resources and the ability to rebuild. Unlike us, Haiti does not have such abilities. We are very lucky to live in a promising country where opportunity is always available. I think we take advantage of the resources we have here. I do not believe there is any reason not to give some to those less fortunate than ourselves. I agree completely with that. Say you have a friend that is sick and needs help. I would most definitely bring them soup, medication and company. There's much more to that, thought, which is where your argument comes in. Also, just because the Haitian government is weak does not mean the Haitian people must suffer for that, for the reason of their poverty is their government. I would agree with you to not help Haiti if the government screwed up something that did not affect their people, but this earthquake took a toll on the Haitian people that they could not handle, and as a compassionate, foreignly active nation, we must help them fight this struggle to rebound for their society. Do not make the Haitian people suffer because their government does not know what they are doing, these are innocent people, and if we were struck by a quake or any other catastrophe, we would want help if our government was not helping us either.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2011 on Aid to Haiti at Kayla Ferreira's blog
There are many worldly issues that the US tries to help fund support for. Problems are not only with health and relief, but also providing Haiti with a stable economy so that they will be able to provide for themselves, and a sufficient government to lead the people in the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2011 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
I agree with your statement on now the statements of killing ones self or the hardships of life have become loosely used phrases so true that homie. I also wrote about how as time takes toll on society life has become harder now than it was simply because it is more complicated. I also like how you applied how culture sways young adults. I do agree that music, TV, news, and all types of media.Kids these days as mentioned are dealing with many different things such as hat were mentioned and others like cyber bullying and competing in limited jobs. Machines of this time are also taking place of some jobs and also so are foreign workers that work for less. These things applied to modern life create stress and more concerns the young adult may have. To live in a certain time brings certain things upon the person who is living in it. If this author lived in the seventies when he was a teenager from the mature state he was in that’s how he saw the world. As a teenager at the maturity level that they are in they are seeing this more modern age world in a different light therefore. I dont believe anyone can tae the blame for how kids are acting we all ca work on our actions but this is a developing time in ones life and stress causes people to act differently than normal.
In today’s world with technology and a more advanced society life can be harder in some ways for teenagers. We do not live in a time period where everywhere is safe and we can be carefree. The world has new many issues. Teenagers today may feel pressured by their surroundings... Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2011 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
I really think your pick on the interesting invention was a good one. Many of the inventions are very nice and will add to today's technology but this is something that is very personal and may help many as they struggle with being paralyzed. These create so many new possibilities allowing these people to regain a somewhat normal quality that can give them many opportunities that they may not be able to have being paralyzed and a lot less mobile. There will have to be many new developments and improvements to this invention to make it very accessible.I believe that this is a great innovation to not only help the medical field expand in their technology, but to offer citizens another chance to relive the life they once had. It will not only benefit the people at home, but for future generations as well. Another reason why this is a great invention is because we begin to recognize the steps towards making a better community. Many people can benefit from this invention if it is made correctly and more advancements enhance the possibilities.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2011 on Invention of the Year at Barbosa729's blog
I believe an interesting new invention is the Ipad. The Ipad tells the new generation of young adults and teens where technology is headed. This device is very accessible and is just the beginning of Tablet- computer usage. This device has many capabilities as it allows the user to engage... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2011 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
I do not believe anyone in college should have special privileges due to academics. As college teams have certain schedules yes there may be times when players miss classes but they still should be required to complete in class assignments. If students believe that they cannot complete challenging work of some of their classes like some they should take the most basic classes if they believe that they can make it professionally and may even leave college early. Even now there are minimums for student athletes pertaining to their GPA and class attendance. I believe colleges aren’t too strict but just strict enough. These kids have to remember that too abide by college NCAA rules is to be a student before an athlete, which is most important. When playing for a college team the student athlete is not a paid professional but a student athlete. The main goal no matter what the future plans of college players are is to complete course curriculum with the minimum grades. IF athletes do not follow these minimum grades they are suspended from athletics until the grades have risen. If athletes were to get special privileges then many other conflicts may arise. People in college theaters and clubs also have a different kind of demanding lifestyle with their other priorities opposite of the classroom. Should they also get these special privileges? By allowing athletes to have an easier time how can the ones that do not go pro have respected degrees if their time in college was easier. I believe that if athletes were treated specially in college no matter the situation it would cause many problems within the media and also set a bad example for successful high school athletes that may assume they don’t need good grades because even in college we as athletes are treated specially. Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2011 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
There are many teachers who have helped me over the years. Some though, have not helped. A good teacher has many qualities that display enthusiasm about influencing young minds and not only teaching the student but changing their lives. Two good qualities of a good teacher is one definitely being able to thoroughly understand and explain the material at hand. Some teachers I have noticed understand the material well but cannot explain it well enough for the students to understand it. Others i feel have not prepared for the lesson ahead and theerfore are not able to explain their statements. Another positive quality of a good teacher may be the ability to understand certain situations. Sometimes when a student is very sick for a long time they cannot get all of their make up work don't at once they need a spread of time to balance current and previous work. A teacher who can step into the shoes of a student can more easily understand things. Two other bad qualities of a teacher is not having enough grades in the grade book. Some teachers have four or five grades for a term which makes them all worth a lot which can really hurt a student if they do poorly on one of those grades. A second bad quality is a lazy teacher. Some teachers arent creative with lesson plans this makes classes boring, which causes less engaged studnts. Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2011 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
I agree with the problems you have presented about people who misuse Facebook. Many could be affected by their decisions of doing negative things on the website. The scenario you posted about getting n internship after college and losing it all do to improper social networking is very interesting and in fact true. I believe maybe you went a little too in depth about viscous relationship problems i haven't seen much of that when using the site but since your girlfriend is crazy i can kind of understand where your coming from. I believe on Facebook though cyberbullying can be a problem you often see Facebook fights on random pictures and such which is silly and immature but indeed does happen.They will post very explicit photos and even videos, not realising the future repercutions of this. Before every action on Facebook, this is what one should consult; whether or not the photo, status, or video can come back to haunt them.You had a very interesting take on abusing Facebook.
Although Facebook is a great tool for social networking and staying in touch with friends and family there are many dangers and issues sprouting because its accesibility to all and for many to see personal information o others. For example many people on Facebook give information on where they live and what school they attend. Combining those two key attributes with a person's name can be a combination to easily find many people in one's area. As many try to locate others for average reasons, some may want to harm others. Another example of improperly using Facebook is related to posting improper pictures. Many young Facebook users post revealing pictures or pictures with alcohol in them. These kinds of pictures have been known to get kids that would be accepted to jobs and colleges denied and possibly crippling one's future. I have a friend who was getting a D1 scholarship for softball but had a picture of her posessing alcohol on her Facebook. Colleges don't want these actions to reflect on their university and if a person has these pictures on their Facebook this is an example of something that can happen. If a person has a possibly offensive or explicit photo on their page they should immediately remove it as Facebook is a revolutionary online tool that if used wisely can further relations between people if used correctly. Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2011 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
I agree with your arguments of the questions of Barbie being a role model for younger kids. Also i thought the issue of Barbies of different races was interesting. Its hard for guys to understand the pressures of the woman image but the barbie isnt the best role model to base the average young woman's body on. I agree barbie is a more caucasian based toy that displays many different white interests such as cow girl barbieetc.Barbie still had the spotlight and was the focal point of the franchise.With these thoughts in mind, Barbie has been a commercial success, making billions of dollars for many companies, but the social impact has been not so well. The Barbie Doll plays a significant roles in many little girls’ lives and embeds the perfection image into their minds right away.
As a male its more difficult to understand the pressures of a girl. The thing i can understand is how young children are affected by what they see. The barbie doll is not just a grown up doll, but a full grown woman. These young girls that are given Barbies as gifts see these toys and want to dress and have bodies. The problem is that these dolls are created by a computerized machine that virtually makes every doll the same perfect. These ideal dolls that represent women arent realistic and i feel that at a time when children are young and easily influenced by culture and older adult figures these dolls may not be the best thing to display to them. Although Barbies are toy representatives of people they aren't realistic and showing a young child unrealistic views of an older toy may represent something that some of these kid sin the future may not be which will add too peer pressures. The doll is also questionable because it is a fully developed woman with body parts that young girls dont have and if these young girls dont know about certain natural developmental topics should these things be brought up at such a young age? Continue reading
Posted Dec 26, 2010 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
I would like to thank the troops over seas. I realize these people's jobs are to be away from their family even their country to fight in war's and neutralize hostile areas. These people are risking their lives to protect all Americans. This sacrifice deserves to be recognized more by Americans that are back home. History wouldnt be the same without all the people in the services that fought to protect their country. Having a friend that is about to deploy i feel the dangers of possibly never seeing him again if he is killed in battle. When you see these things the thought becomes more of a reality. Deployment of duty usually lasts a year and understand how huge of a sacrifice that is. You are brave people that through actions definetly are displaying your courage. Thank you very much for protecting our country I hope too soon support the troops to provide someone wit a care package. Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2010 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
If there were to be classes that were used to prepare young children or young adults for life they would have to be taught by older people that can teach and relate too younger people well. People who have been through the mistakes and struggles of life will have the... Continue reading
Posted Dec 5, 2010 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
Texting affects students in many ways. A main point of texting in schools for teachers is that it deters student's attention from the learning environment they are in. I believe that a student has to be mature enough to use his/her cell phone in school in the right circumstances such... Continue reading
Posted Nov 22, 2010 at Zacmedeiros11's blog
I agree with your outlook on cheating. I believe i definitely used similar ideas for my post. I believe cheating is definetly prevalent in the connolly community and in other schools. It wont be stopped but to earn the grade you have to do the work and not cheat which some do and some dont. Cheating does have different ranges from homeworks to quizzes and tests but it is bad and doesnt help the cheater in the long run.
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2010 on Cheating at Casey Levesque's blog
Cheating is a common thing in most schools and in life. It is part of human nature and sometimes a part of being in a panic mode when unprepared for a test. Cheating is a way out of failing for soe kids if they arent putting work in and studying... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2010 at Zacmedeiros11's blog