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I am ambitious general.
Interests: Military History, Business reading, Dancing, meeting people, playing games, watching movies, Practising kendo, Excercising, and having a weblog
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The following email is posted at this blog with perimission by Isaac Schwartz(, a ood friend from Upenn. Isaac traveled last week to North Korea, a place which is rarely vsiti by foreigners. Well to be fair it is not a vacations hotspot like Barcelona but it will do. He then sat down and wrote me(and others) an enlightening email about the country. I find his insights and viewpoints really illuminating and I asked him if i could share them withothers and he accepted. North Korea is a country that is associated it only with negatives. People get their opinion... Continue reading
Posted Aug 22, 2009 at Coup D’oeil - The Defining Moments