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It seems to me, the opinion is China is at an economic crossroads and is working on privatizing since businesses are state owned which lends to a more controlling situation over workers and the nation, then I am at a loss as to why Romney mention to the press that America should borrow monies from China and use it, as Romney seems to suggest for military purposes aimed at China. Is this a statement from a seventies idea of things, for the ongoing relations this country had with China, from the opposing side of friendship with China that Romney is borrowing or his solution to overseas issues,for the 21st century, that in my personal opinion will start an international incident. Wouldn't most nations take it as a slight I know I would and have. It seems that people have invested my way not to stand for advocacy groups but to still descriminate on the basis of race and religion which I thought was against federal laws and going against the equal opportunity laws that were place under Federal Communication laws. Misrepresenting companies to make a point by the old guard who do not want computers and those making a point toward a Japanese American Buddhist, keeping one from housing and jobs, which I thought we were all with integrity , Buddhists and other peoples , speaking out against oppression. I do believe , as I have felt, that China would definitely take it as a slight. And Romney is an indication of what we may have as the Republican roster. We may need to all pray more, for better candidates. I surely miss the moderate Republicans.
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Mar 17, 2012