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So, what does it mean if my wife is having me pull out the carpet and replace with hardwood?
Toggle Commented Apr 9, 2010 on ESPECIALLY IF YOU DO IT NAKED at Dave Barry's Blog
If you've even driven in Paris you know this is pretty much the norm.
Bubba or 4000 lbs of ammonium nitrate
The conductor looks like it has a counter on it. 58354 and counting!
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2009 on SQUIRREL TERRORISM UPDATE at Dave Barry's Blog
"Don;t" drink and type
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2009 on HAIR STYLISTS at Dave Barry's Blog
My first run-in with the trough urination system was mistaking one for a communal sink. Wondered why there was such a line for the urinal when the communal version was free. Realized my error when I went looking for the sink. Oops! My bad!
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2009 on SPORTS UPDATE at Dave Barry's Blog
Support the Arts!
Seems like a resonable request. I think I'll offer one to my congressman.
What's the big deal? Lots of things use sodium benzoate as a preservative.
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2009 on IT'S MADE WITH WHAT??? at Dave Barry's Blog
It says to Use "←" and "&rarr" arrows to navigate. My cheap computer is missing the &rarr arrow!
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2009 on IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME at Dave Barry's Blog
Ah... Florida
I'm guessing someone had a bet about how many words the editor would actually print about shopping carts.
"Booger Visits A.J. Ferrel Middle School"