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Az Zaqqum Islamic Scholar for the Kafur
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One more comment in reference to this... "Gina Khan took me to meet a woman from Birmingham whose daughter had been married in an Islamic ceremony at home. Her husband left her after a short period of marriage, and it was only then that the daughter discovered she was not married in the eyes of the law. Her husband, a solicitor, knew this. The family appealed to the UK courts for help, but as the mother said, ‘they threw the case out on the basis that there wasn’t a recognised marriage.’ It turned out that the man was already married and was carrying out a polygamous Islamic marriage." Too many Muslims abuse our laws simply because we don't know their laws as well as they know our laws. if we did, most of this crap couldn't happen. Az Zaqqum
One of the best articles I've read, well researched and absolutely accurate. I do wish the author would have included the Quranic aya of 4;97 which basically says, if Muslims feel oppressed living with Non Muslims, they are to go live in an Islamic country or go to hell. As well as; Sharia does not allow Muslims free speech, so they should shut up. Az Zaqqum
It was the night before Christmas and Muhammad was confused. Should Muslims have fun holidays like the Christians and Jews? 8 days of Hanukkah or a fat Jinn in a red suit, Who used reindeers not camels to carry his loot? And what kind of presents would Muhammad think best? Barbies in burkas and suicide vests? It had to be something the kafurs would envy Teddy bears named Muhammad or something trendy. But that’s too much work for a man who had fits With angels who’d scare him out of his wits. It would have to be simple and easy... Continue reading
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Dec 17, 2009