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Zara Renander
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Apr 18, 2011
Dear Bishop Marc: Yes, yes, yes! The difficulty of working with people who are unprepared for non-violent demonstration was clearly seen when the KKK came to Athens, AL. The Rev. Jeremy Lucas gathered all the people he could think of to stand in silent protest. We held signs saying, "Love," and we were to pray for the KKK. A lot of people came to hold signs, but when they started to hear the vitriol, ignorance and hatred that the KKK were spewing, they couldn't keep the silence and hold the tension: We hadn't had time to prepare them. It was a big learning event for me. In fact, due to Jeremy's great leadership and a wonderful group of people, the message of rejection of the KKK's presence in Athens or anywhere else in Alabama did get through. But we saw the importance of preparation. Pre-pare the Way, indeed. A blessed Holy Week to you all. Zara
Lovely, lovely! Keep sending us stories of people who are committed to working for change - it encourages us all. The stories are the 'super glue' that binds us.
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Apr 5, 2011