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I completely took this a different way... I saw it as her being amused by what they chose as stereotypical American products. She wasn't gushing about "Wow, look! American is considered 'ethnic' here!" - she spent her time talking about what were considered quintessential American items - like her line about "Andy Warhol's beloved Campbell's Soup" indicates, or her amusement at the abundance of marshmallow products. I generally look for the same sorts of things when i travel - as opportunities to see how the world sees Americans - which seems to be the behavior you are actually advocating. Some Americans overseas, ESPECIALLY expats, are too insecure about being American. A few years ago, sure, I was calling myself Canadian too... But guess what? Obama won the election... and then the Nobel Peace Prize. The US just made a decent showing in South Africa. So yeah, it's not that bad to be American anymore! Ask around, get a new opinion. You can stop hating yourself now, it'll really help the rest of us get along better with the locals when we come to visit you if you stop perpetuating this outdated crap. PS - 95% of the people in the world DO NOT have better food than the Americans. This country is full of some of the best-fed people on earth, hardly the other way around! A stock survey of the 'Ethnic' section here would hardly represent the finest selections of any other culture's offerings either. Again, i think that's the crux of the OP's attempt at irony, which you obviously missed.
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Jun 28, 2010