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On thing that these studies always ignore is the change in fermentation kinetics in inoculated vs non-inoculated feremntations. I would argue that the yeast doing the job has less of an impact than does the method of fermentation. An uninoculated fermention is going to start much slower and probably have lower peak temperatures; your total time in tank may be a week longer. In Contrast, when someone adds 3 million cells of yeast per ml to their must, the fermentation gets going quickly and builds up a lot of heat (which will extract more tannin). To see a true difference, one could prepare a native inoculum at a similar inoculation rate and pitch it to the tank.
What is meant by the term "aromatic yeasts?" I first read this term in this context in Darlington's book in the part about bio d in a interview with Joly. All yeast strains produce aromas. Is it a yeast strain with beta glucosidase side activities? A lot of yeasts (Klockera, Hansenula) that operate in a native fermentation produce this enzyme. It is a confusing term for sure. I imagine they use this term to cover their asses if they have to restart a stuck native fermentation. They can then say they did not use an "aromatic yeast." it's a dumb term.
Joseph, I think you are mistaken. Some wineries put an ingredient list on the back label; Beaux Freres for example.
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Jun 30, 2011