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"Reconceptualizing the “social construct” that tricks homosexuals or the transgendered into thinking that their behavior is biologically driven, on the other hand, is, conversely, reductive, evil, and Christianist." It's not behavior anymore than left-handedness is behavior, or autism is behavior (although, ironically, it's researched and 'treated' by behaviorists...while it's neurological). Being transsexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (not the same as transsexual) is a physical, biological reality. The implications of such are social. This is why you'll have people in some countries saying that being the penetrative partner of two men doesn't make them gay, only the receptive partner is. That's totally a social construct. Clothes and their signification is a social construct. A dress isn't inherently a 'female garment' anymore than pants are a 'male garment'. Transgender people are often uncomfortable about the norms, or don't care about them. Few of them might openly and consciously defy them out of a sense of wanting to change the world...but not many people are like that. Transsexual people have a sex identity (formerly known as gender identity, sex identity is more accurate since it's identifying with a body configuration and hormonal configuration, not a gender role) which is opposite their apparent phenotypical (physical visually) sex. This is demonstrated by specific places in the brain. It's neurology and unchangeable. Some people can cope, as much as others might with amputated legs or arms, others don't cope and suicide. Now we got a 3rd solution: hormonal and surgical change...not a perfect one, but better than the two others. It has nothing to do with liking pink, dolls, dresses or what have you, gender roles or anything like that. It's got to do with feeling at odds with the BODY and often the HORMONES present within it. It's like being poisoned 24/7, you get used to it, but you sure don't feel happy about it. Autism and Asperger syndrome similarly are neurological wiring. Unchangeable however much mercury-poisoning people like to think vaccines caused it (and they say it originated in the 70s while Kanner's autism and Hans Asperger's syndrome was documented from the 40s). You can, at best, try to appear 'normal', at worst, feel so much at odd with the world by its demands of conformity (by people who pretend they are advocates for autism!) that you regress and lose contact with the world. Doesn't mean you aren't affected by it. The best of them make do with it and get on with life in a field they are good in, sometimes exceptionally good in (see Moe Norman). Autism, Down Syndrome, homosexuality, transgender and transsexual people have existed since forever. While many of them don't pass off their genes for various reasons (persecution, infertility, forced sterilisation, forced to be eunuchs, genocide, non-procreative sex) the genes still exist today as much as they have in the past. The gene diversity they represent must be something positive or nature would have gotten rid of them over time, what with most of them not reproducing.
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