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After reading this week’s paper, I was reminded of Mark Dowie’s “Conservation Refugees”, where he spoke extensively about how environmental conservation in countries has an inherent effect on the indigenous people of the land. When parks and other protected areas are created, native people are often displaced from their homelands and have to build a new life in an area that may be completely foreign to them. Environmentalists and conservationists are beginning to realize the drastic effects their environmentally conscious efforts often have on the people who originally lived in those particular areas. This week’s reading addresses a similar topic about how locals are affected by Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Tanzania. What I really appreciated about this reading was how the potential impact, inconsistencies and conflicts that are arising with the MPAs were addressed in the paper. Villagers who are affected by MPAs may be in favor of, opposed to or indifferent to the areas that are created for protection and the rules that are also implemented. Locals’ reactions can work in favor of the MPAs purpose of safeguarding the fish stock to allow them to recover if villagers choose to obey the regulations and comply with the changes. Or, natives will find a way around these rules by illegally fishing or breaking gear regulations, which will be a set back in the process of recovering the local fish stocks. It is vital that these complications are pointed out and addressed so that we can begin to find solutions to make sure that these areas are being protected and that locals’ needs are also being met so they are more willing to comply. Studies, such as this one, provide us with significant information about the effects of projects for environmental protection has on native people’s lives. This way we can implement future projects that ensure that environmental resources are being protected and that locals satisfied with the changes.
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Feb 9, 2015