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Nick Gencarelle
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Awesome! A hybrid would be really nice too. If they made one like a camper van with balls and a pop-up sleeper and stove, refrigerator, millions would buy it.
Why not have a small engine that charges the batteries-and allow like half of the batteries to be charged while the other half runs-have regenerative braking and shocks and solar in the roof and on the bed liner for while its sitting in the sun. Too big-too expensive for average folks the way they made it. Why also is the hydraulic assist not in every big truck now-fuel savings of like 25-40 percent-what gives?
Where is the new VW hippie bus? Millions of people will buy a new version sort of like their old Eurovan camper if they make it (A) affordable! (B) great mileage and (C) powerful enough to carry a family. How about a diesel hybrid of this? Add solar panels to the roof as an option- hydraulic assist would be best. A vertical pop-up loft- stove, sink-outdoor shower hose-heasted by those solar panels-wake up VW we're waiting!
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Jan 26, 2011