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Mountain lover, knitter, and reader living in Utah.
Interests: knitting! spinning, hiking, blogging., reading, grrlfriends Postcrossing
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WHO?? I seriously don't know who Tom Nook is, but a quick Google and now I understand. How close are we to seeing this ponytail?
Your little houses just make me so happy! It must be the bright colors. They look sunny, joyful and fun, like a little town you'd love to live in! I'm another Feedly fan (have been since Google Reader died).
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You do great work and you would never known Rusty had his hair cut at home. Nicely done. Smith has resorted to a total buzz (easy and quick for a professional to do). He doesn't want to cut his own and he doesn't dare let me touch it. Your little houses are SO cute.
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It didn't take long for your garden to "age" into a lovely place with so many lovely spaces. To walk through your garden would really be delightful.
I have cut my own bangs every couple of weeks for months now. I have decided not to visit my stylist because...why would you!? So many of my friends have given in and gone, but I am going to see how long I can get this mess (I'll happily cut the bangs). There are SO many articles about the state of our National response, but the person(s) who SHOULD be listening has his head up his *$$. I can't even... We loved Hamilton! It was going to come back to SLC this year and we had an in to get tickets. Oh well...maybe some days, but ITMT I am LOVING the ability to watch it again and again. Smith confessed he had an earworm of the Kings song! LOL
That galette looks SO delicious! I'm envious.
You have an uncanny way of picking the perfect words, or maybe it's not picking the word, but living UP to the word in a perfectly beautiful way. I admire your focus on the word and how if fits, flows, into your every day. Nicely done, Kym.
You have a lovely outdoor space to enjoy in good weather. I am in shock it's the end of June. I can already tell the light is waning! waaaa
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I bought Tar Beach in the 1990s. Faith Ringgold has long been an inspiration. I recently saw the interviews with her. (Not sure how I got to her website.) Thank you for bringing me back there today. I love exploring it all over again. You are SO lucky to have seen her Tar Beach exhibit! We signed up for Disney JUST for Hamilton. I can't wait! Smith had a dentist appointment last month and came home to report on the new equipment and practices. He assured me I would be okay to go in August for my pre-scheduled appointment!
A giant spider!? YIKES! What a frightening experience for poor Ginnie. The kids look so cute in their masks! The garden room has so much potential. I can't wait to see what you do with the space!
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I uber LOVE this project! I like hearing your plans and seeing them come to fruition! I have an AC question. Do you think we could talk?
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2020 on Unraveled Wed/Thu: Safe At Home at knitorious
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I agree with all you have to say about these titles. I thought about reread Atocha Station and even downloaded it (again) to my iPod. I think I'll try to fit it in later this summer. The third Cormoran book was a little to graphic for my taste, but I look forward to the next. Thank you for writing reviews of the books as you say so well what I feel about the books, too.
Sorry to change the subject, but what happened to Ravelry? OMG, I was just there yesterday and now I'm lost! IAC, I LOVE the color of your cardigan and the style of that sweater is just you!
Impressive, a very special place, and so peaceful! How nice it would be to sit with you have enjoy its lovely energy.
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2020 on Purple Haze at Stepping Away from the Edge
If only reading a definition helped people to really understand what racism is. I hope the change gives a little more insight. My mother did several PBN kits to pass the time when my father was away. I was always fascinated by the process. You may remember my obsession with embroidery scissors. I have quite the collection and, even though I do little with embroidery, I still buy small scissors when I see them (and just got one from AC, too!).
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2020 on Perfect Weekends at Stepping Away from the Edge
I just love Between the World and Me. I've read it a few times and find it to be a revealing story, a necessary book. Your little houses project is so comforting! It may be fiddly but it is a project to make the soul happy!
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2020 on Little Pink Houses for You & Me at knitorious
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This is THE perfect poem for today. I love Billy Collins, in part, because YOU introduced him to me!
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2020 on It's Still Friday at Stepping Away from the Edge
My red state could beat your red state. LOL I love meeting other liberals (all of my local peeps are thus). It's fills the heart to see SLC murals of George Floyd, as well as local man (Bernardo Palacios), in memoriam!
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2020 on "Congratulations on being Liberal!" at knitorious
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I'm old enough to have no memory of Mystery Date. Or, it may be, that my mother limited our TV enough we never saw it. Or, it could be, that I just have a poor memory. BUT, I am having a great time on my TTL Mystery date and looking forward to what happens next!
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2020 on Mystery Date at Stepping Away from the Edge
We have all been forced to make changes but our attitudes about it and the way we learn to pivot and find changes that work for us will be key to a successful "new" life. You've done a good job of making the right changes for you.
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2020 on About New Tricks at Stepping Away from the Edge
My reading list is growing, growing, growing! I LOVE Roz Chast's cartoons in the NY and was thrilled to see the cover. She tickles my funny bone. Monday I was able to reserve a time at the library and pickup my books. The librarian comes out and ask your name, then sets the books on a shelf for you to pick up. It was fast and contactless, although I miss walking the stacks (there and at my LBS).
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2020 on It's Time at Stepping Away from the Edge
I pick a copy up from the library tomorrow! I'm looking forward to something different and fun.
Toggle Commented Jun 7, 2020 on Drumroll Please! at Stepping Away from the Edge
I ordered Healing the Divide from my local bookshop, but it's in reprint and will take a few weeks. I'm looking forward to delving into its pages!
You will all love the eggs! (Although it will be a few months.) We were able to pet our chickens and "tame" them, but that may not be something for kids to do. How fun to have so many new pets! The kids are just darling, as usual.
Toggle Commented Jun 7, 2020 on 3TT: House & Home Edition at knitorious
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I read your first two books when they came out. Both are required reading (as are many other books on race). There is SO much to learn! I'm knitting the TTL Mystery and I LOVE my Romi shawl. It's been awhile since I knit a Mystery and they were just what I needed this year. I love your houses blanket. The colors are so whimsical and fun!
Toggle Commented Jun 7, 2020 on Unraveled Wednesday at knitorious
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