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Howard & Linda, I've been wanting to drop you a note for awhile to say THANK YOU. I'm a huge fan of your site and have been following you for over two years. Yours was the first full-timer RV website that I found and I attribute your blog with sparking my own RV dream. I just started my new RV journey last month. I retired early and purchased a Ford F350 set up with a new Lance truck camper on top. It's really great. I hope to part time for the next few years while my partner continues to work. Your RV Dreams website really helped kickstart my own interest, but more importantly, it answered the question "can I really do this?" You've shown me that I can...and now I will. Very exciting! I want to thank both of you for your wonderful entries and for sharing your lives so openly with the rest of us while we figure out if we can do it too. As a new dually truck owner, your post caught my attention. I'm trying to solve the problem of being a responsible truck owner (check your tire pressure often) with the new complexity of driving a dual rear wheel vehicle. I can't seem to get an air hose, let alone a pressure gauge back to that second wheel. How did you solve this? I've done a lot of googling and it seems like people fall into two camps: add modifications like extenders or check tire pressure less frequently but take the outer wheel off. Checking less frequently won't work for me...I'm too committed to the regular checks to be okay with this. What troubles me about the extenders are a bunch of comments I'm finding on the internet suggesting that these can damage the stems and increase the likelihood of tire failure. Howard - I get the sense you and I think alike on safety issues. I see that you've installed a remote sensor system. What do you do when you need to add or bleed air from the inside rear wheels? Did you encounter any research about the extenders suggesting that they might cause damage to tires? It is all so very confusing...I would really value the wise insights that your experience has to offer. Thanks you both again for the inspiration to take this first step. I'm now looking forward to many happy (and hopefully flat tire free) years on the road. Best, Michael (aka ZenOnWheels)
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Jul 19, 2014