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Made this last night and loved it so much I am going to make it again tongiht. I put tones of salt in the cavity and grabbed the chicken for a shake like making a cocktail. Right at ths moment a neighbour walked by the window and was utterly bemused! I left the salted chicken to stand for 5 hours before roasting. What amazed me with this chicken is that a friend's Philippino maid used to make a very similar tasting dish. The differnece is once chicken is roasted (I'm not sure if she salted chicken), it is pan-friend with soy sauce added one little a time on the skin. I will try this method tonight. And because of the salting, the bird tasted a little salty and reminded me of Chinese wind dried chicken (Fengji) which is eaten during the New Year. What you do is salt a chicken for a few days, the hang in on your balcony during the winter season for a week. Then you cut it to pieces and steam cook it. You don't have to cook a whole bird, a box of drumsticks work too.
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Nov 29, 2009