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Gregory Zingler
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Does anyone see how this guy is smiling, almost laughing while he "apologizes"? What a jerk, and now I have to go to two different websites to manage my queues. F***ing fantastic, thanks netflix for continuing to diminish my previously enjoyable experience with your service.
I hate it, I really do. These price increases are harsh and reflect many changes as I'm sure we've all seen. 1) This was likely going to happen if anything just based on the fact that Netflix consumes almost 1/3 of the bandwidth in the U.S. during peak hours according to what I've read. 2) Severe lack of competition. Blockbuster may come back as a threat to them, but that is years of recovery still in progress. Redbox is some competition, but lacks selection. All other services seem to have the same problem, they can compete with only parts of Netflix 3) Netflix own massive selection is a gift and a curse. So much to offer people, but having as much as they do comes at a price, and contracts are constantly changing. I only recently learned that contracts are very very different regarding rights to rent content over dvd or stream over the internet, and Netflix can only negotiate so much. In summary, I hate this, and it makes me look at alternative options. Should the prices get much higher, I would have to pull out just for own wallets sake, or sadly cut down to one plan or the other. However, I will bite my tongue and deal with it, for now.
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Jul 16, 2011