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Blog: Attackerman
Spent my day reporting on something for Danger Room that I know you're going to like. Before I did -- well, while -- I wrote this catch-all reaction to the Panetta/Petraeus moves. But let's get a little cynical. Let's say you're President Obama, or maybe National Security Adviser Tom Donilon.... Continue »
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Blog: Revolutions
Jesse Bridgewater works on "social search awesomeness" for the Bing search engine, and is setting up his dev environment with the necessary tools including python, vim, and R. Jesse has shared a handy script he uses to install all the specialty packages he uses for his data analysis. This is a handy script to modify for your own purposes, but it's also interesting to review the packages Jesse lists as part of his standard toolkit: Literate Programming: R2HTML, sweave, Rpad Data Visualization: ggplot2, YaleToolkit Data Mining / Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing: ElemStatLearn, gbm, bayesm, RWeka, lsa, tm Graphs... Continue »