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Author of Amazing Face. And some other books.
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Hmm. Look the handheld can be great if you're dedicated (it's a bit... clumsy/time consuming.) I would say hold off on the Omni treatments until you really want great skin, for an event or some such thing, then go hard. Or use a bunch in a row with some peels as a program twice a year maybe?
Proof that perhaps it IS just my lips, then.
It's great!
I have just fallen for this product too! I treat it more as a lip gloss than a balm, but I enjoy the hybrid benefits all the same.
Not a myth, dear Cass. The skin on our lips is thinner than the skin everywhere else, so if your body is dehydrated on the inside, the effects WILL show outside – namely on your lips, but also think about when you get dry, crinkly skin after long flights, or too much moisture-sucking dry air or heaters at full blast or a big night on the booze - your skin always shows externally what's happening internally, and the lips are nay exempt.
Not at all. Sucks HARD, in fact. Ditto that it was a sensitive one and it inflamed you so.
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Oh, Hannah.... what a mess!
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Oh Sinead, I'm sorry! When I say a 'moisturiser with some sunscreen in it ' I mean your average face cream with a token amount of SPF 12 or 15. A cosmetic day cream first, with some sunscreen as an afterthought. When I say a moisturising sunscreen, I mean a dedicated sunscreen product that also moisturises so you get both hits in one, and there is no need for two products. These are 'sun care' products first, moisturisers second, and are the ones I included images and names of, like Nivea and Ultraceuticals. I don't suggest putting on moisturiser after sunscreen, but rather a product like a BB cream or a token-SPF products OVER one of the moistursing sunscreens such as the Ultraceuticals. In short: If you are using a broad spectrum, SPF 30 moisturiser on clean skin each morning, all of your skin and sun needs are taken care of, and you can gallop straight onto makeup.
Ack! Sorry Stephanie, I can't remember... Prolly benefit Coralista on the cheeks though.
That lovely Mecca girl is right - concealer CANNOT do its job until the skin tone is sorted out (that is to say, you "correct" the purple tones first.)
I sure as heck did! Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless concealer is awesome for brightening, coverage and no crepey lines.
I shall do this in a post for you!
I had one on my eyelid that my facialist was all set to remove the next time I came in (when it would be "ready") but it vanished. Have two on my upper cheek now and will ask her to remove for me please. I do not care for these Milia. Not one bit.
The Australis one is also a cracker and about $10.
Well you're a good daughter, aren't you? Yes. Truth be written, I find minerals hard too... I can see why she might be a bit slow to dive in. Defo send her for a consultation and professional application - skin or makeup. Or hair! Go with her and make it a fun time.
Ozlicious, that is a tremendous idea. You're right! You're right.
You're right. I was doubling up on the Ts. Fixed!
Non! Tis incredible Australian luxe organic brand. (Sodashi is a sanskrit word that means wholeness/purity/radiance.)
Oui, that's what I originally had, until I ran it by a French mate who insists it's the softer 'ss' sound. ...Ce la vie!
Noted and adjusted accordingly, thanks Verity!
Oh, I just leave it! It's a bit boofy and wild from the rough blow-drying, but overnight it settles in and calms down and in the morning is smooth. I use a silk pillowcase, this is for my desire to not crease my skin, not my hair, but it has been suggested that is helpful too.
Hey LD, thanks for the comment, it's of course worth thoroughly researching a prod before buying. What I found interesting was that both Gerdy and Kbo are sensitive skinned lambs, (mum is an organic skin care girl at heart) and they had no reaction whatsoever, but that is certainly not to say it can't happen with active skin care. And yes, Retin-A is wonderful stuff. (And best to save it til after having babies is what I am told) but a lot of women react to that, too - skin care is wildly personal!
Great post idea - will do one! PS Fake tan must always go on clean, exfoliated, dry skin.
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Normally I would point you to something like the Tom Ford primer or MAC Strobe Cream but as you are sensitive they may not work. Perhaps you could mix a drop or two of rosehip/face oil in with your foundation? That will give glow and as long as you're not oily-skinned, be fine.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2013 on Tubular mascara fan? Tried this one? at fruitybeauty