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Zomg Pwn
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Switch to decaf, Bob. Holy crap. It's called freedom of choice and everybody is different. I love streaming but guess what? My parents live in a place where they have to make do with a pitiful connection that is CAPPED. If they watch a YT vid their service gets cut for 24 hours. I'm happy for you that you are living in the lap of streaming luxury but you are still in the minority. Reality check. There is a DIGITAL DIVIDE in this nation and on the planet. One big reason is the kind of raging ignorance you are displaying. Stop talking down to people or classifying them as inferior because they either don't agree with you, have a different opinion or are just not as lucky as you to have unfettered access to a solid connection. Believe me, I have tried everything in my power to get my parents access but they are way, way out in the rural American wilderness. I guess you think people that live far from cities should be rounded up and put into camps because they are mentally deficient. lol. Then you could get them in one place and pipe in Netflix streaming access to them all at once. But they still wouldn't be able to watch whatever titles just got pulled due to a rights dispute or licensing issue. If you aren't a troll then you should chill out and educate yourself a little. That rant makes you sound like a half-informed buffoon.
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Jul 9, 2011