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Good for long suffering New England, Lord knows they deserve it. From where I sit in Cascadia Liverpool vs. Roma > Sounders vs. Chelsea II.
I am starting to think that after Canada snubbed VAN City for Toronto and the lack of Nats visits SEA or PDX that Cascadia needs to declare its independence. That's apparently the only way we'll be hosting a National Team anytime soon.
On a supporters bus headed north bound on The Five to watch the Sounders clinch Cascadia Cup against Whiteca(r)aps. 3 points and a whole lot of singing ahead when we cross the border #EBFG.On a supporters bus headed north bound on The Five to watch the Sounders clinch Cascadia Cup against Whiteca(r)aps. 3 points and a whole lot of singing ahead when we cross the border #EBFG.
I had been hoping Seattle could swing a trade for one of SKC's excess forwards but if they're moving to this new formation on the regular, that's out the window. Damn.
If the Union got him for less than DP money, The Chivas FO should be fired in its entirety.
That's such an unthinking, clinched, asinine response that I am at a loss. Do you honestly think fining someone 1/8th of their gross income is good for the league?
Yes, five thousand dollar fines in a league where many players are making as little as 42k are a great idea.
Given the current EPL standings and UCL draw, this was a wasted chance at winning hardware.
Posting this comment and then emailing my ticket rep.
If he can play like a man, pay him like a man. If it turns out he can't play, he can return to HS with the $$$ he made from MLS and fund (or at least partially fund) his own higher education.
I know it's a shift in paradigm for US fans, but I prefer a 15 y/o sign a contract and start being paid rather than the "student/athlete pantomime" that we call college athletics. I loathe how college kids make millions for their schools and worse the NCAA for free (yeah, I know scholarships). Our system is unique, in the rest of the world colleges focus on education not athletics.
Does anyone have a link to a video of the Panathinaikos (spelled from memory, thank you very much) mele?
Nathan; male; 31; Tacoma, WA; Seattle Sounders FC, Liverpool, PSV, Colombian National Team. Roughly a year & half ago.
Watching Roma run circles around Bari. It feels like Roma puts a ball off the post every seven minutes, but all they have to show for it is a 1-0 lead.
The problem in DC is not coaching. Olsen can only be successful if they bring in quality players. That roster is terrible--absolutely terrible.
As of right now Sounders look like this... Montero -- N'Kufo Zakuani -- Alonso -- Evans -- Fernandez Gonzalez -- Parke -- Hurtado -- Riley Keller Most used subs: Fucito then Levesque play either wing or Montero's FW Jaqua then White sub N'Kufo Ianni sub Alonso & both CBs Seamon plays either central MF Of course Wall, Scott and Graham sub backline
O'Brian White is now Seattle's #3 target forward, behind N'Kufo and Jaqua. Can we now please release Pat Noonan and free up his 100k in salary to keep Zakuani in RBP? Losing Nyassi is tough, but Fernandez is a better player and more than capable replacement. I have eben less of a problem losing Sturgis, given that we have Seamon & Evans. Today could have been worse for Seattle. That said, I won't sleep well until this "Zakuani training w/ Everton" thing is over and he's back in Seattle.
How do you tune into the damn mls radio show from the website? I hate that website so much!
A Sounders Prayer: Please not N'Kufo. Please not Nyassi. And PLEASE not N'Kufo AND Nyassi. I can deal w/ losing Sturgis, Gonzales and have no idea why we protected Jaqua. Amen.
IF Sounders can get past La.... IF... I like our chances better against FC Dallas than Salt Lake. We'll see tonight.
Tighter than Beckham, FTW:
"No player from MLS gets callups for Colombia unless its Valderrama at 37 cus its Valderrama." Heh, Montero has already been capped by Colombia four times. He has also scored a goal in int'l play in a friendly versus El Salvador. So yes, I think it's a good bet he will get called up by Los Colombianos.
How is it decided which matchups are the ESPN game of the week? Two last place teams are not how I'd want to market my league. This is about the fifth best fixture of the weekend. MLB shoves Sox v. Yanks down our throats everytime they play; I don't want that but teams like FC Dallas w/ their empty stadium and last place teams like these two should not be our showcase matches. It's like Lions v. Rams on MNF--the NFL would never let that happen!
I used the term UCL competitive because in La Liga two teams compete for the title and another six: Villarreal, Athletico, Sevilla, Espanyol among others shoot for top four and the other two UCL spots. And even all that is besides the point that no matter how much we love him, Altidore is not going to see the field much this season with Villarreal. He needs to go somewhere else and actually play.
I am realizing that Altidore isn't as good as he/we think(s) he is. He should have gone to Turkey this season. Going forward, if the chance avails itself he should reconsider Turkey, France or the Eredivisie. He simply is not good enough right now to get consistent minutes with a La Liga UCL competitive team. He isn't going to get better watching from the bench. AFAIAC, it is better to PLAY in a lower league (EJ in Greece) than WATCH another season from the bench (EJ in Fulham).