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On the issue several trees on Kings Cross Road and Swinton Road have been cut and removed, only leaving the stumps. Who has ordered this, Why TFL / Camden? Where are the replanted surrogates?
1.) (TFL) There is very limited possibility for cyclists to get up North East other using Euston Rd. Acton Street and Swinton Street disallow North-East bound passage. Cyclists are forced onto the pedestrian path or Pentonville Rd unless they are familiar with Fredrick Rd / Cubit Street connection or Brittania St (Camden) which has no cyclist lane. It has been frequently suggested Acton and Swinton Street as well as many of the others should at least have counter traffic cycle lanes or be two directional. 2.) (TFL/ Camden) There are not enough signs pointing at the various cycling routes such as Frederick / Cubitt Street build by Camden. Even so, they all end on Euston Rd, or Grays Inn Rd, with further sign posting lacking. 2.) (TFL) There is no way other than using York Way to get to the local Tesco (main grocery shop in the area) or Regent;s canal by bike. Caledonian Rd only accepts South Bound traffic. For pedestrians the crossing between Caledonian Rd, Pentonville Rd is non logical. For example it is not possible to cross the Pentonville road on the East side of Caledonian Rd, but many pedestrians still do. A pedestrian who needs to get from West to East on this junction has to wait twice. first to cross Pentonville Rd then to cross Caledonian Rd in front of the Scala. The left turn for cars allows two lanes to turn left. As the gyratory has an immediate right turn it easily catches traffic users crossing lane 1 to lane 2 after their turn, making it dangerous. 3.) (TFL) The new lay out at Pentonville Rd and Penton Rise is logical in theory. But I still see many cyclists doing cycling straight from the left of lane 1 and in front of left bound traffic (the cause of the last deadly accident there). As a pedestrian it is still tempting to cross the bus lane there at red, as there are not so many buses. But sometimes cars get it wrong and go straight and children might not see oncoming buses all together. Warning Lights in addition to painting of road and even more sign posting could help. 4.) (TFL) There is nothing helping cyclists to get from Penton Rise to Swinton Rd. There are no signs that highlight a cycle path via Frederick and Cubitt Street 5.)(Camden / TFL) There is no appropriate sign posting that there is a cycle path at ARgyle Street 6.) (TFL) speeds on Caledonian Rd, Swinton Street, Acton Street, Kings Cross Rd, Grays Inn Road and Pentonville Rd / Rise can be excessive due to their large uni-directional nature. They look and feel like urban motor-ways to motorists 7.) (TFL) Bus lane is not an alternative to cyclists the the beginning of Eutson Rd just at the end of Grays Inn Rd, because there are always stationary buses there. Bus lane disappears a little later on with many car drivers not paying attention due to momentary single lane change to enable the right turn into Pancras Way. 8.) In order to get from Argyle St to Pancras Rd (Camden) you need to cross Euston Rd and then wait on Euston Rd to turn into Pancras Way. On Pancras Rd there are many cars stopping with passengers coming and leaving cars and cars making U-Turns (Camden). Not for the faint hearted cyclist 9.) (TFL) Midland Road lacks a Camden bound cycle way. Most cyclists use the pedestrian path. The closest recommended cycle route is at Chalton St. There are not enough signs that there is a cycle path along Chalton St (TFL / Camden). Ossoulton Street and Chalton street are but lower speed roads rather than having dedicated cycle paths (CAMDEN). 10. ) (TFL) Pancras Rd / Goods Way Tunnel, no line for right turning cyclists twds Camden Town / or Euston Rd, Goods Way no cycling path. 11.) (TFL) Traffic Island York Way / Euston Rd. Red light Much ignored by pedestrians 12.) (TFL) Crossing and Traffic Island at Pancras Rd (connection St Pancras / Kings Cross). Red light much ignored due to length of time needed to wait 13.) (TFL) Crossing Euston Rd (Camden Library - St Pancras) much ignored crossing at red due to long wait for pedestrians. Dangerous due to fast traffic. Almost impossible to cross Euston Rd as a whole with a suitcase or pram due to fence zig zag narrowing. 14.) (TFL) Zebra crossing Grays Inn Rd / Acton Street and Acton Street / Kings Cross Rd still often ignored by motorists due to high speeds. 15.) no cycle friendly crossing possible to get from Kings Cross Rd into Acton Street (TFL). I had often dismounted and used the cycle path, 16.) Gt Percy Street (Islington) officially only uni directional. Cyclists could be allowed to use it for access to Frederick Street. No safe crossing at Kings Cross Rd possible. 17.) Swinton Place. Street controlled by TFL. Residents and councillors have repeatedly requested that this road be made uni-directional or closed on one end. Cars using it to chase and get by Acton or Swinton Street Jams. TFL claims it is necessary as an escape for buses when Acton or Swinton Street closed. Why can street not be residential traffic only and be exceptionally opened in such rare circumstances. 18.) Sidmouth Street / Grays Inn Rd. (TFL) Long waiting times for pedestrians means that light is largely ignored, including by many young college users and parents on their way to Coram nurseries and Coram Fds. Advise that pedestrians can cross more frequently. 19.) Seaford Street (Camden) opening for cyclists heading South could enable them to use rear of Kings Way college to head South and could be integrated with other local cycle routes (if Harrison Street were reduced to 20m zone) and therefore avoid some of the Northern tip of Grays Inn Rd. 20.) Penton Rise (TFL), no possibility to get up to North East for cyclists. Even though Rodney Street would be a calm connect towards Islington. Penton Rise. 21.) (Islington) part of the omission of the gyratory is the Fredrick / Cubitt / Sidmouth Street pathway. However coming from Islington Ampton St and Myddelton Square by bike there is no good sign posting to these cycle lanes, nor to the lane on Myddelton Rd. Happy to elaborate if necessary!
This is excellent work William, I don't know where you find that time. As a Kings Cross Resident for 15 years I fully agree with you on all your points and thank you on your actions which are highly commendable. I agree that it is high tide that the whole gyratory system be reformed with pedestrian, cycling, public transport and private transport users as equal participants. There must be space made for separate cycle lanes on Caledonian Rd, York Way, Grays inn Rd, Kings Cross Rd, Acton Street, Swinton Street. and Euston Rd. , very clear traffic crossings for all participants. If I may point out the junctions between Pentonville Rise - Kings Cross Rd and Swinton Street, and between Caledonian Rd and Pentonville Rd, and between Swinton Street and Grays inn Road, and between Acton Street and Grays Inn Road,and between Pancras Rd and Euston Rd, are all dangerous for cyclists. There are no lanes and speeds in he entire area often exceed 30 miles per hour. A permanent speed reduction around the gyratory area of Kings Cross to 20 miles on the grounds of being a very dangerous spot with many vehicles I feel would help tremendously and be an instant accident reducer as well as reduce the gravity of impacts when accidents do still happen. Planers must take account of the fact also that due to the stations the area has many people walking about who haven't got a clue of Kings Cross, some even not too aware of left sided traffic (continental travellers from Eurostar). Hence the area must be made as safe as possible because it is near the stations, yes provide access by all means and keep traffic flowing, but it can not be right that cars and lorries have the sole priority in such an area.
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Oct 17, 2011