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While (most) Germans may be fine with German agencies collecting information (as they are expected to focus on our interests), I would also point out that it cannot be in our interest to allow foreign organizations collect data on our citizens. With the exception of diplomatic representation, it should be reason enough to remove all official US institutions from Germany and Europe for that matter.
Interesting documentary. I would have loved to see articles from disagreeing experts on this. In case he is right, this tells volumes about long-lasting effects a well organized propaganda has on the population.
I also oppose American influence and do like Wladimir Putin. Does that mean I belong to the German Left? :-D I would rather say disapproval of this surveillance is uniform in Germany. But there is also a bright side: What better could have happened to weaken American influence in Europe than a global scandal with paragon Obama failing to address it :-)
Xing and LinkedIn - this reminds me of StudiVZ and Facebook a number of years ago. However StudiVZ no longer exists while those interested in social networks joined Facebook. There might be the first few steps towards this direction now with Xing. This can be witnessed with all those Xing contacts who bother you with contact requests for their Linkedin account after registering there - I always think what's the point :-D
Interesting question. Don't you think that people like Oswald Mosley or from the German-American Bund would have burned books, too? I'm sure similar has happened in all those countries where national socialist governments rose to power? What would be your assessment?
It always makes me smile, seing anti-fascist propaganda portraying fascist propaganda pictures. I wonder whether it ever occured to the disdainful speaker in this youtube video that he would have been no different, had he live at that time? With the same voice full of contempt, one could well imagine him as a commenter for cinema spots :-D
David, being a lawyer should not limit one's creativity in finding solutions - a motto I am sure many German lawyers have approved of in the 30s ;-) But you are right of course in that it would have to be regulated. Which would create a ton of modifications in each our legal systems. One way might be what is called "Feindstrafrecht" in German law science. It distinguishes between foes and ordinary humans, undermining the equality of men. Your last point of course is also very correct - at some point people would tell anything under pressure. The question is whether people would pay this notion any mind in a state of emergency. But honestly David, what other robust means are there, except making suspects disappear?
Could it be that you over-evaluate the "stain of torture"? Even in peaceful Germany do you remember how intensively the German judicial system shaked at the Gaefgen case, where the life of a single boy was at stake and torture was threatened? Dont you think that the majority of German people would be fine with torture being applied to islamist suspects after a similar strike as 9/11 on German soil? At the latest once further plans would be uncovered this way, they would consent. It has started to become a topic here right now with German djihadists fighting in Syria - what will go one once they are back battle-hardened? Have you read the other day about 50 % of Germans thinking that Islam itself is a threat to our society? Islam - not Islamism. So much suspicion even without a 9/11 experience.. I think in case of a successful terror strike killing hundreds or more, people here would not allow to be fooled by them for long. When extremists mock our societies by relying on rights while plotting cold blooded murder, Germans would have even less problems than Americans in taking the gloves off.
Their success is highly unpredictable at this moment. Most important factors for it would be: - How negative/positive the media report on it in the coming months - whether the seemingly intellectual touch of its first members (PhDs and Professors and so forth) can actually connect to the broad masses. - whether further unpopular measurements have to be enacted by the current government until the election. Even if they do not play a major role in the future, I expect them to have a similar impact on the political landscape as the Green Party had: Before the Greens, the established parties could afford to neglect environmental policies. After their ascend, the others had to occupy this part of politics - and if only to appease the public and draw voters away from them. So if nothing goes terribly wrong, the AfD's biggest impact could be a more euro-sceptic political landscape in Germany (for better or worse).
Hi David - pieces of advice from foreign sources to the Court? I believe the court has already proven as to how highly it values international perceptions when it came to the distribution of press seats :-) Could it be that the two main guys in the NSU movement wanted to spare themselves the kind of press event this trial creates and thus killed themselves in time? By the way David, which part of the USA are you most familiar with? I have done a 2,400 miles tour through a number of states in March - it was a highly interesting and greatly enjoyed experience :-) For example I have made fast friends with die-hard republicans in a beergarden in Atlanta, who are going to come over to Octoberfest in autumn as their first-time visit in Germany ;-)
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